Upcoming Summer Trends in Outdoor Tiles Gold Coast Homes Need

  • Posted on December 3, 2020
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At Prestige Tile Corp, we know that the needs for tiles Gold Coast residents like yourself have are complex and unique to each home. However, coming into summer, there are several styles and tips we want you to know so that you can get the best out of your outdoor area, no matter what indoor, outdoor and pool tiles Gold Coast homes like yours have in place.

It’s not just fashion and design, but function and purpose that you need to consider when looking at how to get the most out of your outdoor area this summer, in particular when it comes to your tiles.

Before you tick off on the look or style of any tile, it’s best to consider how functional it will be: is this tile simply decorative, or does it need to be durable too? Outdoor tiles Gold Coast homes like yours regularly have pool tiles and entertainment areas, and so when making a decision it’s important that your selection is resilient in the outdoor elements,
non-slip, stain proof and easy to clean and maintain. At Prestige Tile Corp, we’re happy to make recommendations for tiles Gold Coast home owners will need for a wide range of applications! See below for some of our recommendations when it comes to hard wearing, functional and attractive pool and outdoor tiles Gold Coast residents like you are going to love.

Your outdoor area is an extension of your home, so it’s very important that you choose a style for your outdoor tiles Gold Coast home owners will know to be perfectly complementary to your interior style as well. Matching the colour schemes and/or styles you already have within your home will help to create a lovely style flow from indoors to outside, as you and your guests make your way from the living room out onto your patio or into the pool to cool off.
However this doesn’t mean that your indoor style should automatically dictate your outdoor setting! Including eye-catching feature walls or splashes of colour is a great way to enhance your outdoor setting without going against the sophistication and elegance of your indoor areas.

For this summer, we’re seeing a trend in outdoor areas matching neutral, earthy tones with complementary vibrant accents, including blues, greens and pink shades too. If you are renovating your outdoor area and are stuck for choice, start by looking to choose outdoor tiles Gold Coast homeowners will associate with outdoor areas – so if your indoor tiles are ceramic or porcelain tile, start looking for outdoor tiles that are made from/look like stone, but in a similar style. From here, look to build a striking and sparkling outdoor tone by including feature walls, colour splashes and areas that can have an eye-grabbing colour or pattern added to them.

In terms of your pool, it’s essential to choose the right pool tiles when renovating your outdoor area, as the tiled surfaces near your pool can quickly become a recipe for disaster. Pool tiles must be capable of withstanding the hot sun, wind, pool and cleaning chemicals, and regular exposure to moisture. Pool surfaces are often slippery, and so to prevent any unwanted slips or accidents, pool tiles Gold Coast outdoor surfaces should have are recommended to be unglazed and/or rough in texture, and with a slip rating of R10. However, you don’t have to choose between slip resistance and stunning styles – you can always select textured porcelain tiles with a finish that looks like concrete to match the glazed porcelain present elsewhere in your home, or even tiles with a stone look which will give your pool and outdoor area a very sophisticated look.

At Prestige Tile Corp we love mosaics! They are an ever popular choice for feature walls and outdoor areas, as they allow home owners the chance to be creative and let their personality come out on display with vibrant colours and/or patterns. Mosaic tiles in lovely blues hues will be a perfect addition to the tones of your pool or outdoor water features, which will wonderfully reflect the sunshine on summer days and really make that feature wall gleam. A nice additional effect of blue mosaics are the tropical resort vibes they bring to an outdoor area – you may not be able to have a beach getaway just now, but there’s no reason you can’t bring those same vibes to your outdoor area! It’s an option in outdoor tiles Gold Coast home owners and guests will really appreciate.

Are you looking for the best in outdoor and pool tiles Gold Coast homes are crying out for this summer? Do you need some advice, inspiration or guidance in how best to decorate your outdoor area with the highest quality tiles and designs? Come in and see us at Prestige Tile Corp, and let us work with you to create an outdoor area that’s truly one of a kind.

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